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Easily make use of artificial intelligence
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How much do you think you know about your content?

For well-founded strategic decisions, editorial offices need data on their previously published content. Continuous data analysis is often lost in day-to-day business due to lack of time or expertise.

ContentLense gives editors exciting insights into which topics are written about and how: automatic topic and person recognition in texts, readability indices and sentiment are analysed and visualised.

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Content Lense allows us to improve our content strategy!

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How are your texts written?

We automatically calculate key indices about how complex your texts are written and whether they have a positive or negative connotation (so-called sentiment analyses). These include simple statistical variables such as text length and word count, but also KPIs such as the reading time and the reading difficulty. 

What are you writing about?

Based a natural language processing, content lense extracts clusters of topics that you are writing about. This way, we reduce the manual labor of tagging your texts with keywords and categories.

Who are you writing about?

Content lense extracts the persons that you mention in your texts and links accessible WikiData information such as gender or age. This allows you to conduct analyses regarding the diversity and balance with which you report.

Integrates easily into your existing tools

All functions of content lense are available as API functions that you can call using a simple authentication token. Moreover, you can configure your own webhooks: that way, you can send analysis results back to your content management system or trigger any event you’d like.

Full text search for all your existing content

Content lense can be used as a catalogue that makes all your published content easily and intuitively searchable.

Content lense is open source!

Content lense is an open source project, licensed under the MIT license. You can use it for free. This project would not be possible without the huge support from our partners at Media Tech Lab and Cloud Creators.
You want to use or contribute to content lense? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Keep track of your latest activities, the current system status and your publishing behaviour over time.

Intuitive visualizations

We want you to gain insights and make data more meaningful to you. We visualize the insights in graphs, charts and filterable tables – to combine both flexibility and simplicity.

Content deep dive

You can have a look at summaries and dashboards, but we also want to enable deep dives into the actual content. Filter your content by KPIs, move through authors and check individual articles.

Let’s talk about your content!

Get in touch with us to discuss how content lense can help you with understanding your content and growing your business.

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